Plant Profile – Midyim Berry bush

Also known as: Austromyrtus dulcis Midgen Berry Midgem Berry Sand Berry Growing conditions: Well-drained or sandy soil with a neutral ph Part shade/full sun Shrub (full sun) or groundcover (shade) Up to 2 metres Suitable for pots, rockeries, hedges and garden beds Tolerates moderate pruning Propagation Cuttings Fresh cleaned seed (germination 3-4 weeks) Uncleaned seedsContinue reading “Plant Profile – Midyim Berry bush”

Plant Profile – Blue Tongue plant

Blue-banded Bees, Teddy Bear Bees, Sweat Bees… all the buzz pollinators love this rainforest plant which flowers sporadically all year and produces edible berries. Also known as: Melastoma affine Native Tibouchina Native Lasiandra Dhumulu (Yolngu) Growing Conditions: Prefers fertile, well-drained, moist soil Part-shade (no afternoon sun)/Light shade Not frost tolerant Small to medium shrub SuitableContinue reading “Plant Profile – Blue Tongue plant”

Plant Profile  – Native Violet – Viola banksii

Also known as: Viola hederacea (Not the same plant, as explained later) Australian Violet Growing conditions: Shade/part shade (some sources advocate full sun, but this plant has not survived in full sun in my garden) Tolerant of most soils but prefers moist site Will tolerate boggy sites Will tolerate light foot traffic Tolerant of lightContinue reading “Plant Profile  – Native Violet – Viola banksii”

Plants Profile – Perennial Basil

Also known as: African Blue Basil Ocimum killmanscharicum x basilicum Dark Opal Basil Growing conditions: Tolerant of most soils but prefers well-drained soil Grows up to 1.2metres tall and wide Will tolerate some shade Can be grown indoors in a brightly lit position Suitable for garden beds, rockeries and pots Needs protection from frost PerennialContinue reading “Plants Profile – Perennial Basil”

It Starts with a Trickle

Living Upstream and Downstream in a Global Community When you think about it, every revolution in human history started with a trickle, a small group of humans pushing for change. As the trickle moved downstream it gathered volume and momentum, followers, and the push for change intensified until it became a flood that the mostContinue reading “It Starts with a Trickle”

Plant Profile – Native Raspberry

Did you know that Australia has eight native raspberry species? All adapted to our climates and varying in taste, they are a great choice for a bush tucker garden. One of the most palatable and abundant, in terms of fruit, is Rubus probus or Atherton Raspberry. Also known as: Rubus probus Atherton Raspberry Rubus muelleri Continue reading “Plant Profile – Native Raspberry”

Plant Profile  – Native Mulberry – Pipturus argenteus

This plant is a biodiversity hub in my garden.  A few moments of close observation on any given day reveals species galore. From the Eastern Sedge Frog family to Rainbow Lorikeets to countless insects, I am never disappointed. My children are also regularly drawn to the tree to gather and gobble the tiny sweet fruitsContinue reading “Plant Profile  – Native Mulberry – Pipturus argenteus”