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In a “favourite” part of my garden. I just love Cut Leaf Daisies which have endemic forms in my area.

Mother, Dog Owner, Partner, Gardener, Teacher, Tree Hugger

Janegrowsgardenrooms began on Instagram when I decided to “document” the work we were doing to landscape and rehabilitate our little piece of Australia. When we bought the 3 acre property it had been slashed and grazed for decades. There were still grazing animals accessing the block through damaged fencing and a collapsing dam wall. We fixed the fencing and started the on going process of removing lantana and running bamboo. After only a few weeks I was stunned to see new plants appearing. As I researched and identified them I was delighted to discover that most were endemic to the area. So many Australian natives are amazingly resilient. Their rootstock or seeds lie dormant for years waiting for favourable conditions, like the Love Flower (Pseuderanthemum variabile) which is favoured by grazing animals and can survive being eaten down to the ground over and over again. After every rain their rootstock sends up more greenery and flowers to sprinkle the bush floor with pastel stars that feed the bees. Now we’re about three and a half years into the adventure and it feels like progress is very slow. With two young children and full time jobs we can go for weeks at a time without getting into any landscaping work, but if I go back to those first memories,  progress is evident.  Memory plays funny tricks and it’s easy to lose perspective. These things I know: the block has more biodiversity in terms of birds, insects and plants, it’s greener than it used to be and it’s far more pleasant to explore. I would love to see an increase in mammals and reptiles.  Fingers crossed they’re on their way…

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