Jane Grows Garden Rooms on YouTube

This is a list of all my clips on YouTube from most recent. The numbers are the length of the video.

Planting a Passionfruit vine in hard soil 4:15

Just weeding and planting 1:38

Australian Birdsong in the garden rooms 5:10

Perennial Basil brings the Bees 0:15

Plunkett Conservation Park-a 360 view 0:31

Laughing Kookaburras in the garden rooms 0:48

Wild Pollinators in the garden rooms 4:09

Fried Pumpkin Flower Recipe 2:22

Italian Flatbread Recipe 10:30

Magnesium Deficiency in Plants and How to treat it 5:18

Hermit Crabs-a brief encounter 1:58

Homemade Choc-mint Ice-cream using fresh mint from the garden 18:15

Australian Native Mulberry Tree brings the biodiversity on an Autumn morning morning 0:30

Lemon Myrtle Infused Olive Oil Recipe 11:08

Mixing Soil – Create your own potting mix for raised vegetable garden 10:37

Plant Profile Lemon Sherbet Coleus 2:49

International Day of Forests- Bush Regeneration 12:10

Coming Soon to Jane Grows Garden Rooms on YouTube 0:38

Rolling Swarm of Sawfly Larvae 2:53

Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly – a Brief encounter 2:46

Magpie family versus Sea Eagle in Australia 0:33

Cicada emerging from its shell 4:31

Garden Rooms – Morning Walk 0:40

Transplanting Burdekin Plum – Flashback 6:57

Backyard Biodiversity Tip One of Ten (Transcript available in blog) 4:18

Permaculture Contour Banks – Planting Citrus 13:39

Repotting a Vanilla Orchid 9:38

Gardening Hacks – Planting Woolworths Discovery Garden seeds 0:47

Identifying Invasive Species – Commelina (Transcript available in blog) 5:46

Jumping Spider Waving – a Brief encounter 0:20

Cuckoo Wasp – a Brief encounter 0:35

Alphitonia excelsa – Soap Tree – the Pioneer who stole my heart (Transcript available in blog) 4:53

Buzz Pollination by a Blue-banded Bee and Lipotriches Bee (Transcript available in blog) 4:50

How to plant Aloe Vera 7:44

How to grow Avocado from Seed 5:56

Garden to Kitchen – Green Salad (based on blog post) 1:59

Mimosa pudica reacting to touch (also known as Sensitive Weed) 0:35

Feeding a (wild) King Parrot by hand 0:25

Stingless Bee harvesting from Calendula 0:34

Pak Choi Pollinators in my Permaculture Garden 0:48

Praying Mantises hatching (the inspiration for blog post “Build it and they will come”) 0:23

Up the tree trunk (a caterpillar climbs a tree trunk very fast to the delight of my children) 0:13

Pollen Pants from a Water Lily (slow motion footage of a stingless bee in a Water lily) 0:49

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