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Each week includes 5 regular feature topics. Over the month 4 other feature topics will be included at least once.

Feedback and requests are welcome!

You can find the newsletter by clicking here or using the QR code below. Or keep scrolling for details of the regular and special features. There’s also a YouTube clip showing the title graphics for the first five issues!

Regular Features:

  1. Good News for the Planet – a story of hope for our future from somewhere in the world.
  2. Plant Profile – information about a plant that you might want to grow. (requests accepted!)
  3. Permaculture Tip – ideas for creating a permaculture garden or food forest.
  4. A Moment of Wonder – shared from my encounters with Nature
  5. A Free Link to a Medium Article

Featuring at least once a month:

  1. Children and Nature Tip – how to get your children connecting with Nature.
  2. This week in books – a commentary on an aspect of a published work connecting to nature, gardening or sustainability.
  3. What is that!? – Ever see something in your garden that you can’t identify? Want to know if it’s friend or foe? This section will highlight different garden friends and foes from around the world.
  4. Citizen Science News – information about citizen science events and initiatives around the world.

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