Tiny Buzz – Homalictus Bees

Most of the bees in this subgenus (of genus Lassioglossum) are less than 8mm long. The one in the feature photo (Homalictus urbanus) is between 4 and 5mm long! She is foraging from a tiny Commelina flower.

They have relatively short tongues so prefer open “flat” flowers where it’s easy to reach pollen and nectar.

Homalictus have been known to share their burrows, though each individual contributes eggs rather than having a queen like European Honey Bees and Stingless Bees. Scientists have even discovered a Homalictus urbanus burrow being shared by 160 bees!

Want a Pocket-book Guide to help you identify Australian bees in your garden? This is my favourite:

Bees & other beneficial insects: a pocket-book guide by Megan Halcroft. Buy it here.

Other relevant resources:

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Aussie Bee – lots of information!

Australian Bee Diversity with Dr Tobias Smith

Interview with Dr Kit Prendergast

Building Bee Hotels- video

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