This morning I saw my first callow bee!

Many bee species lack pigment when they first hatch. They are called callows. Over the next few days, they become darker and indistinguishable from their hive mates.

This callow stingless bee is in my new hive. It’s very exciting!

The hive was rescued from a wall during a house renovation and unfortunately, the transfer did not go well. It’s a very weak hive with few bees and no queen, but there is reason to hope!

There were “princess cells” which will produce more potential queens in time and if the hive is invaded by other bees it will be reborn. At the moment, more bees are hatching from the brood every day.

We think they are Tetragonula clypearis bees which are tiny, only 3–4mm long.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes and hoping for a healthy hive soon!

This story was originally published by the same author in The Daily Cuppa.

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