Buzz Around your Backyard with this Handy Pocket-book

A review of Megan Halcroft’s Bees and other Beneficial Insects: a pocket-book guide.

· Book Title — Bees and other Beneficial Insects: a pocket-book guide

· Author’s name(s) — Megan Halcroft

· Publisher — Bees Business, Hampton, NSW, Australia

· Year of publication — 2021

This book is the perfect guide to stuff in your pocket as you head out to the garden, off to the park or into bushland. It’s small and tough with plastic covers to protect it from exposure to the outdoors.

Megan has managed to organise a wealth of information into this 126 page book, including “frequently asked questions”, “bee anatomy” and a glossary.

See a pollinator? Flip quickly to the contents which detail not only the species name but also a short description.

Photo by Author

For example, if I see the large iridescent bum in the photo above, it’s easy to connect it to “Large/striped iridescent” and I know to flip to page 25 to find out whether I am indeed looking at a Blue-banded bee. If I am there’s some interesting facts to get to know the unique pollinator. In many cases I can also use the information to see if the insect in question is male or female. This one is female as it only has four bands.

The photography in this little volume is a treat for the eyes! Lovely close-ups, relevant labels and fascinating organisms make this book hard to put down if you happen to start browsing.

If you’re in Australia, this is a worthwhile book to have handy whenever you’re outside. It would also make a great gift to help someone connect with nature!

If you’re interested in this volume, it can be purchased here:

Bees & Other Beneficial Insects: a Pocket-book Guide | Etsy
Designed to fit in your pocket, this field guide is a simple, all-round booklet for people with minimal or basic…

This review was originally published by the author in Tea with Mother Nature.

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