The Native Foyer

I am slowly building up a community of native grasses, hibiscus and Westringia.  The canopy is already there. The spiky Native Hibiscus species offer shelter and protection to smaller birds as well as food for pollinators.  The native grasses welcome lizards and frogs. FEATURE PLANTS: Grevillea “Sandra Gordon” – I fell in love with thisContinue reading “The Native Foyer”

How I grow my Garden Rooms

A few years ago I was watching “Gardening Australia” when they visited a gardener who talked about Garden Rooms. Her garden was divided into themed sections like a series of rooms with different environments and functions. Themed areas in a garden with clear boundaries What is a garden room? The idea captured my imagination andContinue reading “How I grow my Garden Rooms”

Plant Profile- Lemon Myrtle

I can’t imagine not having a Lemon Myrtle Tree now. So easy to grow, so lovely to look at, so useful in the kitchen. Every Australian household should grow one of these! Also known as: Backhousia citrodora Lemon-scented Myrtle Lemon Verbena Tree Lemon Ironwood Sweet Verbena Tree Growing conditions: Full sun Tolerates most well-drained soils,Continue reading “Plant Profile- Lemon Myrtle”

Plant Profile – Midyim Berry bush

Also known as: Austromyrtus dulcis Midgen Berry Midgem Berry Sand Berry Growing conditions: Well-drained or sandy soil with a neutral ph Part shade/full sun Shrub (full sun) or groundcover (shade) Up to 2 metres Suitable for pots, rockeries, hedges and garden beds Tolerates moderate pruning Propagation Cuttings Fresh cleaned seed (germination 3-4 weeks) Uncleaned seedsContinue reading “Plant Profile – Midyim Berry bush”

Plant Profile – Blue Tongue plant

Blue-banded Bees, Teddy Bear Bees, Sweat Bees… all the buzz pollinators love this rainforest plant which flowers sporadically all year and produces edible berries. Also known as: Melastoma affine Native Tibouchina Native Lasiandra Dhumulu (Yolngu) Growing Conditions: Prefers fertile, well-drained, moist soil Part-shade (no afternoon sun)/Light shade Not frost tolerant Small to medium shrub SuitableContinue reading “Plant Profile – Blue Tongue plant”

Plant ProfileĀ  – Native Violet – Viola banksii

Also known as: Viola hederacea (Not the same plant, as explained later) Australian Violet Growing conditions: Shade/part shade (some sources advocate full sun, but this plant has not survived in full sun in my garden) Tolerant of most soils but prefers moist site Will tolerate boggy sites Will tolerate light foot traffic Tolerant of lightContinue reading “Plant ProfileĀ  – Native Violet – Viola banksii”

Plants Profile – Perennial Basil

Also known as: African Blue Basil Ocimum killmanscharicum x basilicum Dark Opal Basil Growing conditions: Tolerant of most soils but prefers well-drained soil Grows up to 1.2metres tall and wide Will tolerate some shade Can be grown indoors in a brightly lit position Suitable for garden beds, rockeries and pots Needs protection from frost PerennialContinue reading “Plants Profile – Perennial Basil”