International Day of Forests  – Thoughts amongst trees

My little patch of regenerating forest.

What is a forest? A haven for thought, a home for peace, quiet, noisy, alive, awake, silent sentinels breathing life into the atmosphere and earth.

What is a forest? A responsibility,  hours of work, pleasure in regeneration,  search for understanding,  networks above and below and around, solitude in a crowd.

“Green tangle of the brushes, Where lithe lianas coil…” Dorethea Mackellar (My Country)

What is a forest? Imagination,  creativity,  abundance,  sights, smells, textures, sounds.

What is a forest? Refuge,  safety, balance,  peace, alert, serendipity,  sensual.

“All the birds and insects keep, Where the coolest shadows sleep ..” Charles Harpur (A Mid-summer Noon in the Australian Forest)

What is a forest? Inspiration,  moments,  delight, fear, alive.

What is a forest? Home

“The drumming of an army, The steady soaking rain.” Dorethea Mackellar (My Country)

It’s International Day of Forests today. I can’t help but feel both invigorated and sad. These pockets of sublime nature deserve to be celebrated.

They offer so much. Sadly, these offers are not heard by many.

There is hope… There is research… There is a trickle of change… hopefully by this time next year, there will be more hope, more research,  a trickle progressing towards flood.

“These are the haunts we love, Glad with enchanted hours, Bright as the heavens above, Fresh as the wild bush flowers.” James Lister Cuthbertson (The Bush)

Until then I will keep caring for my own patch of regenerating forest.  I will weed out invasive exotic plants, discourage feral pests, nurture the native understorey and encourage biodiversity. 

I will continue to work as a citizen scientist,  contributing to the body of research,  ensuring it continues.

I will enjoy the forests I spend time in and I will spread the word…

From “Solitude” by Henry Parkes

Wishing you trickles and floods of positive change,


Interested in a tour of my own bush regeneration project? Watch it here

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