Plant Profile – Lebanese Cucumber

My first cucumber harvest!

Also known as:

  • Cucumis sativus
Cotyledons, small seed leaves that nourish the first leafy growth, are large and fleshy on a cucumber plant.

Growing conditions:

  • Sun/Part shade
  • Fertile, well drained soil
  • Sow 40cm apart
A healthy “true leaf” using the moist conditions and impressive cotyledons to grow.


  • Seeds
  • Tropics/subtropics plant year round
  • Temperate and cold climates plant after the last frost
These two seedlings are growing in my Permaculture Garden on a contour bank which is very fertile and has good drainage.

My daughter is a fussy eater. It’s probably karma. I know my own mother had many frustrating evenings trying to make me eat my dinner. My daughter does, however, love salad vegetables which is a great relief when balancing her diet. I can put half a cucumber in her lunchbox and know that it will be devoured happily. She will also eat salad as a tv snack. I can’t cook any vegetables that she will eat. She even eats her broccoli raw, but I can’t really complain about that! She LOVES to browse through the vegetable garden and eat whatever is ripe for harvest (except tomatoes!) so it makes perfect sense for me to add this annual to my crops.

Soon I will have to make the difficult decision about which of these seedlings to remove, to give the other the best chance of survival.

This year I planted cucumber for the first time and to my delight the compact bush variety that I chose has germinated easily and the growth is encouraging. It takes 8-10 weeks for the flowers to appear. I will be hoping to see them towards the end of May.

Two months after planting seeds, the bush is healthy and flowering as it climbs the bamboo stake I put in to support it.

Watch this space for more details in the coming months!

Wishing you vigourous growth in your kitchen garden,

Jane Grows Garden Rooms

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