Blue-banded Bees

Despite being called “Blue-banded Bees”, many banded Amegilla species are not blue at all but range from blue to white and possibly green!

I have heard it said that they are Australia’s most photographed bee and it’s no surprise! With their amazing eyes, iridescent bands and alluring buzz they make great subjects. The iridescent bands are actually tiny diagonal stripes on the hairs of the abdomen that make them shine and sparkle as the light reflects.

They nest in burrows in hard soil walls or soft mortar on their own but often amongst other nests. Sometimes these nests are taken over by Cuckoo Bees.

Research studies suggest that their ability to buzz pollinate (also known as sonification) increases yields on many plants including tomatoes and blueberries.

Buzz Pollination Video

Buzz Pollinator Information

Plants they love:

Want a Pocket-book Guide to help you identify Australian bees in your garden? This is my favourite:

Bees & other beneficial insects: a pocket-book guide by Megan Halcroft. Buy it here.

Other relevant resources:

YouTube Australian Bee Playlist

Aussie Bee – lots of information!

Australian Bee Diversity with Dr Tobias Smith

Interview with Dr Kit Prendergast

Building Bee Hotels- video

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