Teddy Bear Bees

This shy species is very difficult to find in the garden. Like most Amegilla species, Teddy Bear Bees are quick and fly in erratic patterns, probably to elude predators. With their audible buzz and golden colouring they are sometimes mistaken for Bumblebees.

While each bee provisions a nest by herself, Teddy Bear Bees have been known to nest closely to other females. They are also known as Golden-haired Mortar Bees, giving a clue about their nesting behaviour. They tend to nest in hard soil, favouring locations like creek banks. They have also been known to nest in between bricks with soft mortar on occasion. Each nest contains small chambers which are carefully provisioned with food before an egg is laid.

Males roost on reeds or branches at night, sometimes with other males.

Also known as:

  • Amegilla bombiformis
  • Golden-haired Mortar Bee

They are very similar to Banded Bees but have strikingly different colouring. Like the Blue-banded Bees, their nests are sometimes invaded and taken over by Cuckoo Bees.

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