Bolwarra or Native Guava

Copper leaves and flowers from Gondwana.

Australian Bush Tucker Bites presents Bolwarra (Eupomatia laurina).

This tree is a survivor from the first flowering plants to appear on the supercontinent Gondwana. With flowers reliant on weevils from the Elleschodes genus for pollination, it is like many “primitive” plants that haven’t adapted to a variety of pollinators.

The fruits are reminiscent of guava and are also known as Native Guava or Copper Laurel which refers to the colour of older leaves.

Bolwarra is the Aboriginal name and references thousands of years of indigenous use as a food.

Bolwarra fruit ripens in Winter and can be eaten fresh or used in drinks, jams and jellies as a spice fruit.

It can also be dried and powdered and used as a spice.

If nothing else, it can be grown for the sweet smelling flowers and gorgeous foliage.

This post was originally published on Medium as a part of the “Australian Bush Tucker Bites” series which is also available as an eBook introducing 52 bush food plants from around Australia.

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