Queensland Nutmeg – Plant Profile

Our very own Nutmeg and Mace!

Australian Bush Tucker Bites presents Queensland Nutmeg (Myristica globosa).

Related to the “true” Nutmeg, this nutmeg is a little less pungent but can be used the same way. The red aril is a native Mace.

This stunning rainforest tree is visited by Metallic Starlings (Aplonis metallica) in a gregarious, noisy mob. They harvest the aril with gusto and discard the seeds which can be ground into spice, so if you collect your native nutmeg from the ground under Starling nests you will miss out on the native mace.

Indigenous Australians used the gum from the bark to treat ringworm and the seeds, which are high in antioxidants, are useful for dental health, improved mood and better sleep.

Nutmeg from any plant in the Myristica family must be used in moderation as high doses are toxic and at the very least may cause hallucinations.

This post was originally published on Medium as a part of the “Australian Bush Tucker Bites” series which is also available as an eBook introducing 52 bush food plants from around Australia.

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